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Drive impactful change by embracing the metrics your people actually care about.  

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Pulse is a great solution for organisations keen on optimising their workforce dynamics. It provided accurate, data-driven insights of our performance across key metrics related to our workforce. To me, its inherent value lies in the comprehensive range of perspectives it offers – from an organisational-level view through to individualised views. I would recommend Pulse Motivation to companies looking to get an in-depth comprehension of employee motivations and strategically enhance its engagement with its people. 

Stefan Nothnagel
Principal at Capricorn Capital Partners

Find out what truly motivates your team

Conventional employee surveys give you a snapshot of a problem. At Pulse Motivation, we go one step further to understand the business as well as what motivates each individual within it.

Our solution tells you what’s happening at an organisational, team and individual employee level – and how that changes the story the numbers are telling.

Choosing metrics that matter, for change that lasts.

Many employee engagement platforms focus on the “big picture”: measuring organisations against key metrics, spotting low scores and making recommendations to improve them. That’s both too much, and not enough.

Driving impactful change is less about measuring a wide range of metrics, and more about learning which of those metrics your people actually care about. In other words, a low score on a given metric only becomes an urgent priority if it’s a metric that motivates your people. Pulse Motivation is designed to make that distinction, ultimately leading to more accurate insights.

Because it’s not just about motivating people at a superficial level. It’s about creating an ecosystem where people care about the work they do and feel rewarded for their contribution. 

This is what the employee experience should look like. 

Helping you keep the beat with Pulse Checks

Measure your performance over time with Pulse Checks, periodic customisable “mini Pulses” that re-assess the metrics that matter in your business and measure how effectively the business has turned OPPORTUNITIES into WINS. 

Benefit from updated surveys that include both customisable questions and Smart Questions based on your company’s profile to address the present space your team is in. Mergers, client losses, major management shifts, restructures – now you can find out how these and other corporate events affect the people in your company on a deeper level. 

Get a snapshot of your company as it progresses and get actionable insights that keep engagement and motivation aligned with what your business and employees need right now. 


Employees receive full reports on their own assessment, and managers get a global view of the whole team, all from within their own personalised dashboards. 

Over 90%
completion rate

Thanks to the organic buy-in that is engendered by Pulse insights, leaders are able to promote the platform as a natural part of the company culture.

Identify the needs
of key talent

Statistically derived insights zero in on the true motivators of high-value employees, helping leaders take steps to retain top talent.

Built-in GDPR compliance

Our platform keeps your team’s  personal details and sensitive information safe, protecting the data and journeys of your staff.

What makes our Pulse beat differently?

Over 20 years in the making

Pulse Motivation is the result of decades-worth of combined industry experience from dedicated Business Psychologists.

The result of lived experiences

We’ve worked with global organisations large and small, alongside people who are putting people first in the workplace.

A platform built for every business

Pulse Motivation scales to your needs, enabling people-leaders and HR teams to engage with their workforce no matter its size. 

The journey is up to you

Whether you want a single snapshot, regular trend assessments, or practical advice from industry experts, it’s up to you.

Are you ready to see what engagement looks like in action?